Inner Triangle Stitch Headband Crochet Pattern

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In continuation of my collection of headband patterns, I have made this triangle stitch headband that I really love. I had no idea what to name it so this is the best I could do. I love making it in two different colors, but you can do as many as you would like!

This free crochet pattern is easy to make. I’ll walk you through all the steps with photos along the way.

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Read on for this free Inner Triangle Stitch Headband Crochet Pattern!

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Yarn and Stitches


I used weight 4 acrylic yarn for this headband, but you could use whatever you want.

Basic Stitches Used (US Terminology)

Slip Knot: tutorial by SarahMaker

  1. Create a slip knot on your crochet hook.

  2. Yarn over and pull through the slip knot loop, creating a new loop on your hook. This is the first chain stitch.

  3. Repeat these steps to create additional chain stitches: Yarn over, then draw the yarn over through the last loop on your hook to form a new chain stitch.
  1. Insert Hook: Insert the crochet hook into the stitch.

  2. Yarn Over (YO): Yarn over by bringing the yarn over the hook from the back to the front. The yarn should be positioned above the hook.

  3. Pull Through: Pull the yarn through the stitch. You should now have two loops on the hook.

  4. Yarn Over and Pull Through Both Loops: Yarn over again and pull through both loops on the hook. This completes one single crochet stitch.

  5. Repeat: To continue making single crochet stitches, insert the hook into the next chain, yarn over and pull through, then yarn over and pull through both loops on the hook.

  6. End of Row: When you reach the end of the row, you’ll typically work a turning chain (usually one chain for a single crochet) before you start the next row. This turning chain helps create the proper height for the next row of stitches.
  1. Insert Hook: Insert your crochet hook into the stitch that you want to create the slip stitch in.

  2. Yarn Over and Pull Through: Yarn over (wrap the yarn around the hook from back to front), and then pull the yarn through the stitch and through the loop on your hook in one motion. This is different from other crochet stitches, as you’re not creating any additional loops on the hook.

Slip stitches are used to join rounds, close gaps, or move your hook to a different location within your work.

When finishing an amigurumi piece, you’ll need to fasten off to secure the last stitch.

Cut the working yarn, leaving a tail, and pull the tail through the last loop on the hook, tightening it to secure the stitch.

Here’s a helpful video tutorial.

Inner Triangle Stitch Headband Crochet Pattern/Tutorial

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials and Tools

  • Weight 4 yarn
  • 5.0 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry Needle (for weaving in ends)
  • Scissors

Crochet Headband Sizes

Adult Large – 21 inches
Adult Medium – 20 inches
Age 8 and older – 19 inches
Age 2-7 – 18 inches
Age 6-12 months – 17 inches
Newborn to 6 months – 15 inches

I would recommend this headband in older children and adult sizes. I’ve never tried a newborn-young child size for this pattern.

How to Crochet an Inner Triangle Stitch Headband Steps

Inner Triangle Headband with Adult and Child Sizes text


I wanted some puff to the stitches, so don’t be alarmed when one side has more stitches than the other, this gets corrected on the last round. (If you don’t want any puff, instead of chaining 2, you can probably chain 3 on the first round to even it out more.)

You need the base chain to be a multiple of 8 + 4. I did 68 and it was pretty big. I personally like a looser headband though.

If it’s too tight you can always do a couple SC rows on one end to lengthen it before slip stitching together.


Start with a base chain that is a multiple of 8 + 4. I did 68 and it was pretty big.

(color 1) Starting in 4th chain from hook: 

Do 5 DC in that stitch. CH 2, skip 2 stitches, SC, skip 2 stitches, do 5 DC in next stitch. Continue this alternating of SC and 5 DC with CH 2 in between until the end of the row.

(color 2) CH 1, SC, CH2, 5 DC into SC from last round, CH 2, SC into center of wave.

Continue the alternating of putting 5 DC into the SC from last round and putting a SC into the center of the wave with chaining 2 and skipping two stitches in between

(color 1) alternate SC and skipping one stitch across the headband

Put the two ends together and slip stitch them together.

step photos

Photo 1: Starting in 4th chain from hook
Photo 2: Put 5 DC in that stitch.
Photo 3: Chain 2.
Photo 4: Skip 2 stitches and then SC into the stitch after that.
Photo 5: Skip 2 more stitches and then put 5 DC into the next stitch.
Photo 5: End of round 2. 

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Free Triangle Stitch Headband Crochet Pattern

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Hope you enjoyed this free Inner Triangle Stitch headband crochet pattern. Let me know if you have any questions. And don’t forget to pin this post on Pinterest to save it for later!

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