About Me


My name is Abigail Spencer and I love to crochet. I learned when I was 8 years old and made 1/4 of a blanket. I picked it back up in the last few months and I’m obsessed. Though I’ve given up on blankets and mainly stick to amigurumi now lol.

I really enjoy looking at what other people make and finding new patterns, so I thought I might try to contribute to that. 

But, this is an About Me page, so I’ll share a little about my life.

I’m in my senior year of college for a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I have a Software Development internship. I live in little ole West Virginia. My husband and I help out with our local church’s youth group. And crochet is how I relax everyday. Along with the occasional painting or gaming session.

I’m married and am a proud mama to some fish and a beautiful bearded dragon named Ladon. 

She’s a very sassy thing if you can’t tell. But, in conclusion, I hope to inspire you to create adorable crochet creations that you and your family can enjoy. If that interests you, I hope you stick around 🙂

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Abigail Spencer
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Portland, Oregon, 97217, USA