Crochet Balloon Animal: Learn How to Create Adorable Amigurumi Art!

Hey y’all! 

I’m sharing a crochet amigurumi pattern that I recently finished making and absolutely love! 

This one is from KnotMonster on Etsy. They have a bunch of really cute and easy to follow patterns. (I promise this is not sponsored sadly)  But, if you want a balloon animal that lasts forever, I highly recommend!

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I haven’t had many balloon animals in my life. Maybe one or two balloon dogs as a kid at a random fair. But now I get to have a balloon dog sit on my desk with me while I’m working. And the best part? This one will never deflate or pop! So, if you want an immortal balloon animal too, check out their pattern. If you get the pattern set, then you can make a balloon dog, swan, bear, mouse, bunny, giraffe, lion, monkey, and poodle. You can have a balloon animal army if you really wanted.

There’s even a keychain version of the dog! This finished keychain is available on my Etsy as of now.

Thanks for reading!

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Crochet Supplies I recommend:

Crochet Hook Pack – I had to superglue a couple of the hooks to the handles after awhile, but it’s a cheap starting point and I like the feel of the handles.

Stitch Markers – essential for amigurumi, and for a good price.
Safety Eyes and Noses– also needed for almost all amigurumi. It comes with a little case.

Crochet Ring – not necessary, but I find them handy to keep my hands from cramping up. Double wrap it around loop to keep a tight tension on acrylic yarn.

Or, you can get all in one (except for the rings): All-In-One Crochet Pack

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