Crochet Axolotl Pattern (by KnotMonster on Etsy)

Hey y’all! 

I’m back with another amigurumi crochet pattern that I love and highly recommend! 

Axolotls are super popular right now, and for good reason. I would love to own one in the future if I can. Along with another giant aquarium of fish. Honestly, my dream house would look a bit like the Little Mermaid lol.

But honestly, who wouldn’t want that in their house?


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This is another pattern by KnotMonster and you can get it from their Etsy. It’s super easy to follow along and super easy to make. So if you’re looking for a cute beginner-friendly crochet pattern, or something to use up some of your pink yarn, this is for you. They also have video tutorials as well if you need a refresher on certain stitches!

I love having it on my desk. It keeps me from going out and getting a live one😂 but I do have one up for sale on my Etsy if you want to buy the finished product.

Thanks for reading!

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Crochet Supplies I recommend:

Crochet Hook Pack – I had to superglue a couple of the hooks to the handles after awhile, but it’s a cheap starting point and I like the feel of the handles.

Stitch Markers – essential for amigurumi, and for a good price.
Safety Eyes and Noses– also needed for almost all amigurumi. It comes with a little case.

Crochet Ring – not necessary, but I find them handy to keep my hands from cramping up. Double wrap it around loop to keep a tight tension on acrylic yarn.

Or, you can get all in one (except for the rings): All-In-One Crochet Pack

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